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Dear Colleagues,

We bring to your notice the journal "ONCOSURGERY".

«ONCOSURGERY» Journal The issue is intended to bring to the reader modern trends and achievements in various directions of surgical oncology.

The main concern is to inform doctors of various specialties about new areas of focus and implementation of impact technologies in tretment of cancer, about modern accomplishments of scientists and of science and technology achievements in surgical oncology.

The journal is intended to provide oncology specialists, medical advisers and doctors with the advanced and innovative scientific information on oncology - world wide as well as in Russia and Russian-speaking countries. The journal is dedicated to both researchers and clinicians.

The introduction and implementation of new high-technologies and continuous improvement of existing methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients with malignant tumors make it urgent that doctors of various specialties have in-depth knowledge in related subdisciplines. Further progress in surgical oncology should be based on both up-to-date knowledge and systemic approaches to the treatment of patients with malignant tumors of various localizations as well as close cooperation of oncologists and surgeons.

The journal includes original research articles, experiences, surveys on topical issues of clinical and surgical oncology, case reports and lectures.

Dear friends,

We ask you and your colleagues to accept our proposal to participate in the "ONCOSURGERY" Journal and publish your research papers, essays, clinical observations, original articles and entries.

We believe that the "ONCOSURGERY" Journal will be in demand among medical specialists and will serve as a powerful motivation to unite doctors of various specialties in their efforts against cancer.

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