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The journal «ONCOSURGERY» 2013, Vol.5, No 3


Scintigraphy with 199Tl-chloride in differential diagnosis of malignant and benign lesions
Choinzonov ЕL, Kurazhov АP, Zavadovskaya VD, Zorkaltsev МА, Slonimskaya ЕМ, Tjukalov JuI
P. 4-8


The method of improving surgical approach for gastric cancer
Gierev Е, Orlov ОА, Rezyapkin VV
P. 9-11

Surgical prevention of cutaneous melanoma
Romanova OA, Artemieva NG
P. 12-18

Reconstructive surgery in combined modality treatment for breast cancer
Mavrodi TV
P. 13-21

Osteosynthesis in surgical treatment of patients with skeletal tumors
Terskov АJu, Ivanov VV, Nikolaenko АN
P. 22-25

Endobronchial ultrasound with transbronchial fine-needle aspiration biopsy of mediastinal lymph nodes
Sekhniaidze DD, Petrov VG, Desyatkov ЕN, Zuev VJu, Sinyakov АG
P. 26-29


A case of the successful treatment of primary-multiple metachronous cancer of the stomach and the colon
Skoropad VYu, Ragulin YuA, Ruchadze GO, Neborak YuТ
P. 30-34

Combined modality treatment (PDT and EBRT) for brain metastases of breast cancer
Zaitcev АМ, Kurzhupov МI, Reshetov IV, Filonenko ЕV
P. 35-38

Desmoid Tumor of the Breast
Zorka Inic, Gordana Pupic, Marko Buta, Merima Oruci, Radan Dzodic
P. 39-43


Concepts and defect-oriented approaches to head and neck reconstruction
Marek Dobke, Ahmed Suliman, Fernando Herrera, Christopher Reid, Brittany Yee, Brian Mailey, Salim Saba
P. 44-51

Early diagnosis and prophylaxis for cutaneous melanoma
Ermakov АV
P. 52-58


Brief report of the second International symposium for thyroid carcinoma, breast carcinoma, melanoma, paliative care and guidelines for diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer (Serbia)
P. 59-61

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