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The journal «ONCOSURGERY» 2014, Vol.6, No 1

Automated screening systems for pigmented skin lesions

Kudrin KG

Institute of advanced training of Federal Medico-Biological Agency of Russia, Moscow, Russia
Contact: Kudrin Konstantin Gennadievich, e-mail:

The review of modern automated screening systems for pigmented skin lesions is represented. The comparison of Russian system being developed and foreign analogues was performed.

Material and methods. Specifics of modern screening systems for diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions and its use for screening were reviewed.

Results. Disadvantages of available diagnostic systems for screening of pigmented skin lesions were determined.

Application of results. Automated screening system for pigmented skin lesions.

Conclusion. Automated screening systems for pigmented skin lesions increase a diagnostic efficacy. The prototype of automated screening system for pigmented skin lesions had specialized hardware and software comparing with foreign analogues, thus allowing to complete screening tasks efficiently.

KEY WORDS: melanoma, pigmented skin lesions, screening, early diagnosis.


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