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The journal «ONCOSURGERY» 2014, Vol.6, No 1

Phagocytosis in surgical treatment for gastric cancer in the setting of improvement of instrumental method for operative approach

Girev EA, Zarivchatskiy MF, Orlov OA

The department of faculty surgery #2 with course of hematology and transfusiology in Faculty of Advanced Training and Staff Retraining, Department of oncology, diagnostic radiology and radiotherapyin Vagner Perm State Medical Academy, Perm Regional EA Oncological Dispensary, Perm, Russia
Contact: Girev Evgeny Albertovich, e-mail:

The objective was to perform comparative analysis for severity surgical trauma as exemplified in status of phagocytal activity for different instrumental techniques for improvement of surgical approaches in surgical treatment for gastric cancer.

Material and methods: Comparative analysis of phagocytal activity in two groups of patients (n=25 and n=25) for different instrumental techniques of operative approach creation prior and after gastrectomy was performed. The absolute value of phagocytosis, rate of phagocytosis, phagocytic index and phagocytic number were measured. The rate and types of Intraoperative complications were registered. The volume of intraoperative blood loss was measured. The pattern of post-operative period was assessed. The post-operative blood loss (the volume of drainage for 5 days) was registered.

Results. In two groups the parameters of phagocytosis were shown to increase after surgery, but phagocytal activity was found to be lower in the study group. In the study group Intraoperative blood loss was 55.6 ml less than that in the control group. The volume of drainage after surgery was lower in the study group for first two days comparing with the control group.

Conclusion. The use of offered wound retractor allows to improve surgical approach, reduces volume of intraoperative blood loss, volume of drainage in the postoperative period and, thus, decreases phagocytal activity as reaction on surgical intervention, prompting suggestions about reduce of surgical trauma.

KEY WORDS: wound retractor, surgical approach, blood loss, phagocytosis, stomach cancer.


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