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The journal «ONCOSURGERY» 2009, Vol.1, No 1



Examination of guardian lymph nodesand lymphadenectomy extent choice in an early gastric carcinoma
Butenko A.V., Vashakmadze L.A., Chomiakov V.M., Kolobaev I.V.
P. 8

Expediency of performing lymphadenectomy in patients with localized and locally spread renal cancer
Rusakov I.G., Alekseev B.Ya., Frank G.A., Andreeva Yu.Yu., Kalpinsky A.S.
P. 15

Surgical treatment of patients with lung metastases of renal cancer
Pikin O.V., Trakhtenberg A.Kh., Kolbanov K.I., Glushko V. A., Amiraliev A.M.
P. 18

Methodical aspects of en block resection in patients with craniofacial malignant tumors
Chissov V.I., Reshetov I.V., Cherekaev V.A., Zaytsev А.М., Belov A.I.
P. 24

A technique of videoendoscopic thyroidectomy for tumors of the thyroid gland
Chissov V.I., Reshetov I.V., Golubtsov A.K., Sevriukov F.E., Krekhno O.P.
P. 28

Successful endoscopic treatment of a gastric carcinoid: Four case histories
Skoropad V.Yu., Peters V.V., Chebunin G.V, Fomin S.D.
P. 31

Modern Methods Of Haemostasis in Renal-sparing Surgery of Renal Cell Carcinoma
Schkolnik M.I., Prokhorov D.G., Leonenkov R.V., Shevtsov I.V.
P. 35


Gastrocolic omentum tissue as a factor for improving nerve fiber regeneration: An experimental study
Derzhavin V.A., Sukharev S.S., Sidletsky V.Ya., Arkhangelskaya O.V., Efremov G.D
P. 39

The fatty acids spectrum of a tumoral tissue at cervix uteri lesions
Kajukov V.A., Hyshiktuev B.S., Kajukova E.V.
P. 42


Surgical treatment of breast tumors
Kuklin I.A.
P. 48

Current models of renal cancer course prognostication
Seriogin A.V., Loran O.B., Ashughyan V.R.
P. 55


Theses of conferences
P. 56

Requirements for submissions to the journal
P. 59

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