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The journal «ONCOSURGERY» 2010, Vol.2, No 1



70 years Director of FGU «Rostov Research Institute of Oncology» Academician of RAS and RAMS Sidorenko Yuri Sergeyevich
P. 3


Possibilities of endo-tracheal and endo-bronchial surgery and therapy in oncology
Sokolov V.V., Chissov V.I., Trachtenberg A.Kh., Osipova N.A., Pikin O.V., Telegina L.V.
P. 4

Complex ultrasonography of vessels in patients with tumours of the head and the neck in aspect of the microsurgical reconstruction
Ratushnaja V.V., Reshetov I.V., Stepanov S.O.
P. 14

Mechanical aspects of circular low colorectal anastomosis stapling
Khubezov D.A., Puchkov К.V., Ogorelcev A.U., Lukanin R.V.
P. 17

Conversion in thoracoscopic surgery for neoplastic and nonneoplastic lesions of mediastinum
Khamidulin R.G., Seagal E.I., Burmistrov M.V., Potanin V.P., Nikishov V.N., Seagal R.E.
P. 21

The role of research in heart rate variability in predicting the immediate outcome of surgical treatment of patients with gastric cancer
Kulikov E.P., Lapkin M.M., Golovkin E.Y.
P. 26


Personalization approach to one-stage reconstruction and plasticity of the mammary gland depending on the constitutional characteristics of patients
Kuklin I.A., Reshetov I.V., Polyakov A.P.
P. 30


A malignant course of giant-cell tumor of the sacrum (a case report)
Zhukovets A.G., Babkin A.V., Bogdan Yu.M., Kasyuk A.A., Orekhov V.F.
P. 34


Influence of surgical specialization on the improvement of long-term surgery outcomes colorectal cancer
Pomazkin V.I.
P. 38

Surgery treatment of patients with cervical lymph node metastases from an unknown primary
Zinchenko S.V., Khasanov R.Sh., Roudyk A.N.
P. 44

The beginning of treatment history of patients with thyroid cancer (19th – first half 20th century) in Europe and USA
Romanchishen A.F., Vabalaite K.V.
P. 47


Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the larynx
P. 53

Requirements for submissions to the journal
P. 56

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