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The journal «ONCOSURGERY» 2012, Vol.4, No 1


Vladimir Aleksandrovich Vishnevskiy is 75 y.o.
P. 4


Single-photon emission computed tomography with 99mTc-mibi in diagnostics and treatment of patients with laryngeal cancer
Zelchan R.V., Chernov V.I., Titskaya А.А., Sinilkin I.G., Chigevskaya S.Ju. , Surkova I.V., Frolova I.G., Choinzonov Е.L.
P. 5

The use of combined free autoflap based on rectus abdominis in oncological patients
Chissov V.I., Reshetov I.V., Kravtsov S.А., Matorin О.V., Polyakov А.P., Ratushnyi М.V., Filjushin М.М., Sevrjukov F.Е., Komarov А.V., Vasiliev V.N.
P. 9

Prevention of voice disorders for extrafascial surgery on thyroid gland
Fuki Е.М., Тrofimov Е.I., Gubeev R.I.
P. 15

The role of fl ow cytofl uorometry in cytological diagnostics of non-hodgkin lymphomas
Volchenko N.N., Slavnova Е.N.
P. 21

Atomic force microscopy in the diagnosis of breast pathology
Chissov V.I., Reshetov I.V., Volchenko N.N., Slavnova E.N., Sukharev S.S.
P. 28

Laporocsopic nd open anterior resection for rectal cancer: functional results
Razbirin V.N., Butenko А.V.
P. 33

Surgical complications in patients with stage I endometrial cancer
Dunaeva E.A., Novikova E.G., Boiko A.V., Demidova L.V., Teleus T.A.
P. 33

The use of calcium phosphate bioceramics for closure of maxillo-facial defects
Reshetov I.V., Filushin М.М., Ratushnyi М.V., Vasiliev V.N., Batukhtina Е.V.
P. 45


New method of microwave ablation of malignanthepatic tumors
Sidorov D.V., Grishin N.А., Logkin М.V., Vishnevskiy V.А., Petrov L.О.
P. 50

Ultrasound-guided interstitial laser coagulation of prostate in patients with prostate cancer
Teodorovich О.V., Teplov А.А., Andreeva Ju.Ju., Bogoslavskii А.V., Borisenko G.G., Naryshkin S.А., Kochiev D.G.
P. 55


Use greater omentum and pectoralis minor to eliminate postmastectomy syndrome
Reshetov I.V., Batukhtin E.V., Osipov V.V., Hiyaeva V.A.
P. 61


Diagnostic and prognostic role of biomarkers of systemic inflammatory response and sepsis in oncosurgery
Donskova Ju.S.
P. 65


Rectal Cancer: «The Fall of the Wall» and its Consequences
Benko G., Duchač V., Švehlova D., Hackl G., Smola M., Pfeifer J.
P. 73

The role of several nutritional factors in causing gastric cancer in city-dwellers of Uzbekistan
Assesorova Yu.Yu., Kireev G.V.
P. 76


Nanotechnology in Cancer
P. 81

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