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The journal «ONCOSURGERY» 2011, Vol.3, No 3



The Changing Nature of the Specialty of Head and Neck Surgery
(Founder’s Address delivered at the 4th World Congress of the International Federation of Head and Neck Oncologic Societies in Seoul, Korea on Thursday, June 17, 2010)

Jatin P. Shah
P. 3


New materials for reconstructive cranio-maxillofacial surgery and oncology
Reshetov I.V., Shtansky D.V., Levashov E.A., Filushin M.M., Vasiliev V.N., Sukharev S.S.
P. 12

Thyroid cancer in children and adolescents living in regions with radioactive contamination
Romanchishen A.F., Gostymsky A.V., Pryvalov V.A., Demidchik Ju.E.
P. 22

The growth and development of lymphatic capillaries in terms of papillary thyroid cancer
Sprindzhuk M.V., Konchits A.P.
P. 29

Medical prevention of postoperative complications in patients with head and neck tumors
Chissov V.I., Reshetov I.V., Sergeeva N.V., Marshutina N.V., Gracheva N.I., Filushin M.M.
P. 34

Tactics of treatment for thyroid cancer with involvement of regional paratracheal lymph nodes
Khvostovoy V.V., Sychev M.D., Kiselev I.L., Romanischev V.E., Minakov A.A.
P. 42

Sentinel lymph nodes for thyroid cancer
Velsher L.Z., Prazdnikov E.N., Reshetov D.N., Asinovskov I.G.
P. 47

The outcomes of multimodality treatment in patients with locally advanced oral cancer
Jumayev M.G., Byashimov, A.Ja.
P. 52

Comparative analysis of surgical approaches to basal tumors
Chebotarev S.Ya., Gulyaev D.A., Petrishin V.L., Gorban V.V.
P. 56

Sonoelastography in preoperative diagnosis of thyroid cancer
Shevchenko S.P., Dolgova Е.М., Karpinskaya Е.V., Shevela А.I., Makhotin А.А.
P. 61


Primary malignant giant cell tumor of larynx with osteosarcomatosis component
Vasiliev N.V., Choinzonov Е.L., Mukhamedov М.R., Samtsov Е.N., Savenkova О.V., Kulbakin D.Е.
P. 65


Epidemiology of brain malignant tumors in Russia
Petrova G.V., Starinsky V.V., Gretsova O.P., Kharchenko N.V.
P. 70


Unusual complications after extended combined surgery for thyroid cancer
Velsher L.Z., Duditskaya Т.К., Reshetov D.N., Matveeva S.P., Asinovskov I.G., Smagina L.N., Uklonsky А.N.
P. 76

Brain metastasis of ductal pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Rotin D.L., Dolgushin М.B, Pronin I.N., Shishkina L.V., Paklina О.V., Setdikova G.R., Nikulina L.А.
P. 78


The history of topographic mapping of recurrent laryngeal nerves
Romanchishen A.F., Mikirtichan G.L., Vabalaite K.V.
P. 82


Proton and hadron therapy for cancer care
Ryzhikova O.A.
P. 89

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