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The journal «ONCOSURGERY» 2011, Vol.3, No 4



Morphological prognostic factors in children with unilateral retinoblastoma after initial enucleation
Ushakova T.L., Pavlovskaya A.I., Polyakov V.G.
P. 4

Primary hyperparathyroidism in oncological hospital
Novogylova Е.N., Schupak М.J., Glavackii S.V., Zhukov А.G.
P. 9

Specifific features of wound healing in surgical treatment of patients with laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer
Trophimov Е.I., Vinogradov V.V., Marchenko M.G.
P. 13

Experience of using transmandibular approach for removal of tumors of the para- and retropharyngeal spaces, tumors of the upper cervical vertebrae and the clivus
Chebotarev S.Ya., Gulyaev D.A., Gorban V.V., Belov I.Yu.
P. 17

Sphygmoplethysmography of the primary bronchus stump for the patients after pneumonectomy
Douglav E.A., Burmistrov M.V., Sigal E.I., Sigal R.E.
P. 20

Laparoscopic anterior rectal resection
Aleksandrov V.B., Butenko A.V., Razbirin V.N., Vinogradov Ju.A., Kornev L.V., Goncharov A.L.
P. 24

Various surgical approaches to the treatment of patients with advanced colorectal cancer
Kulikov E.P., Bublikov I. D., Golovkin E. Yu., Semionkin E.I.
P. 29

Evaluation of the efficiency of perioperative enteral nutrition in patients with head and neck tumors in cooperative clinical study
Reshetov I.V., Egorov G.N., Makhson А.N., Novogilova Е.N., Manikhas G.М., Pismennyi V.I., Kit О.I., Dvornichenko V.V., Repeta О.R., Grozdova T.Ju., Emelyanova О.А.
P. 33

The use of atomic force microscopy in oncocytology for determination of treatment tactics
Chissov V.I., Reshetov I.V., Slavnova E.N., Sukharev S.S., Bykov V.A., Volchenko N.N., Avanesov V.M., Golubtsov A.K., Krekhno О.P.
P. 39

The Use of «Coletex-gel-DNK» and «Coletex-gel-DNK-L» in combined modality and multimodality treatment in patients with oropharyngeal cancer
Vel’sher L.Z., Bojko A.V., Shipilina N.P., Reshetov D.N., Korobkova A.Ju., Kosmynin A.A.
P. 45


Medullary thyroid cancer in Russia. Epidemiology and some clinical aspects
Reshetov I.V., Starinskii V.V., Egorov G.N., Gretsova O.P., Petrova G.V.
P. 51


The problems of diagnosis and surgical treatment in children and adolescents with thyroid cancer
Gostimskу A.V., Romanchishen A.F.
P. 55


Meeting of Experts of the IV International Congress «TUMORS OF THE HEAD AND NECK»
P. 63

Requirements for submission to the journal «Oncosurgery»
P. 63

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