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The journal «ONCOSURGERY» 2013, Vol.5, No 4

Ultrasound diagnosis of tongue cancer

Stepanov SO, Mitina LA, Ratushnaya VV, Dolgachyova DV, Solovyev VA, Kolesnilova EV

P.A. Herzen Moscow Cancer Research Institute, Moscow, Russia
Contact: Solovyev VA, e-mail:

Materials related to ultrasound diagnosis of malignant tumors of tongue and results of own studies are represented in the article.

The objective: to develop the technique of US imaging for diagnosis of malignant tongue tumors.

Materials and methods. We studied 20 patients with different changes of tongue mucous including tumors and inflammatory lesions.

Results. Ultrasound-based diagnosis of tumors of tongue mucosa was performed in 18 patients (90%) with following histological verification; in 1 patients (5%) with histologically verified tongue cancer there were no tumor lesions according to ultrasound imaging; in 1 patient (5%) changes of tongue mucosa and intermuscular fat were of inflammatory origin, which was confirmed by cytological study. According to results of the study the set of features of tongue cancer was determined.

Conclusion: ultrasound allows to image normal structures of oral cavity and to detect tumor lesions with its extension precisely.

KEY WORDS: ultrasound, tongue cancer, morphological verification.


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