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The journal «ONCOSURGERY» 2013, Vol.5, No 1

Surgical field exposure system for reconstructive operations in oncology

Reshetov IV1, Rebrikova IV1, Vasilev VN1, Savrasov GV2, Kudrin KG3

1) PA Herzen Moscow Cancer Research Institute,
2) NE Bauman Moscow State Technical University,
3) Postgraduate Institute of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia,
Moscow, Russia
Contact: Rebrikova Irina Valerievna, e-mail:

In head and neck oncosurgery, there is a number of complex operations and manipulations, the implementation of which is constrained by lack of experienced surgeons, because such operations require high precision performance from surgeon and assistant endurance. Example of such operations is removing the tumor with simultaneous microsurgical reconstruction. Surgical team may consist of 4–5 people. Interaction of a large number of people and accumulation of equipment cause inconvenience and development of fatigue of surgical team members. Various ways to reduce human factors impact in surgery are developed. During last few years medical robotic systems for various purposes are actively developed in the world. One of the main development directions of medical robotics is robotic assistance. The basic element is the positioning system of operative field, in which all basic manipulations are performed.

Search of possible applications for positioning systems performed on example of a one-step surgery performance is removal of tongue tumor, neck lymphadenectomy and microsurgical reconstruction using autograft from the rectus abdominis. At least two zones of application of positioning systems were identified, the mouth and the anterior abdominal wall tissue, because of the fact that to create surgical field additional surgeon was involved, and time of his monotonous physical work was over 90 minutes. Such work stages and limited in volume surgical cavities requiring precise work is a place of implementing positioning systems of operating field.

KEY WORDS: positioning systems of operating field, reconstructive surgery.


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P. 24-28

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