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The journal «ONCOSURGERY» 2013, Vol.5, No 1

Surgical treatment of non-small cell lung cancer patients with brain metastasis

Trakhtenberg AKh1, Pikin OV1, Kartoveshchenko AS1, Potapov AA2, Zaytsev AM1, Glushko VA1, Kolbanov KI1, Vursol DA1, Kurzhupov MI1

1) PA Herzen Moscow Cancer Research Institute,
2) NN Burdenko Research Institute of Neurosurgery, RAMS,
Moscow, Russia
Contact: Kartoveshchenko Artem Sergeyevich, e-mail:

Purpose: to study the effectiveness of surgical treatment in NSCLC patients with brain metastasis, and to determine indications for the method and main prognostic factors.

Materials and methods. Treatment experience of 82 patients with resectable NSCLC and brain metastasis is presented. Average age was 59.6 years. Male patients were prevalent – 82.9% (68 patients). Adenocarcinoma was verified in 58 patients (70.7%). Histological structure of tumor in the lung was similar to one of the metastatic lesion in the brain in all cases. In 61 patient brain metastasis were diagnosed metachronously to primary lung tumor, in 21 patients – synchronously. Brain metastasis diagnosed more than 6 month after surgery on lungs were determined as metachronic. All the patients in the group with synchronous metastasis, except for one, who’s brain surgery was performed simultaneously, the first step was performed by brain metastasis remo-val, 4–6 weeks later pulmonary surgery was performed

Results. Overall 1, 3-and 5-year survival after removal of brain metastasis criterea was 52%, 29% and 25.6% respectively. Median survival – 38 month. The main prognostic factors include status of intrathoracic lymph nodes, synchronous and metachronous brain metastasis.

Conclusion. Removing primary lung tumor and resec-table brain metastasis in patients with NSCLC improves long-term outcomes.

KEY WORDS: lung cancer, brain metastasis, surgical treatment.


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