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The journal «ONCOSURGERY» 2014, Vol.6, No 1

Multimodality treatment in patient with mediastinal metastasis from esophageal cancer with compression of trachea and esophagus

Anikeeva ОJu1, Drobyazghin EA1,2, Chikinev JuV2, Tevs KC1

1) EN Meshalkin State Research Institute of Circulation Pathology, Center of oncology and radiosurgery,
2) Novosibirsk State Medical University,Department of hospital and pediatric surgery of the Medical Faculty,
Novosibisk, Russia
Contact: Drobyazgin Еvgeny Aleksandrovich, e-mail:

The case of treatment in patient with mediastinal metastasis and compression of trachea and esophagus after Lewis surgery for lower esophageal cancer is represented.

Involvement of trachea and respiratory compromise require both tracheal and esophageal stenting to ensure the adequacy of airway and for following treatment.

In July 2013 in the department of thoracic surgery in Novosibirsk clinical hospital the patient K of 49 y.o. represented with esophageal and tracheal extrinsic compression by esophageal cancer metastasis in lymph nodes [in March 2013 underwent surgery for lower esophageal cancer (T3N1Mх) (histologically, squamous cell cancer)]. The patient underwent Lewis surgery. First, to restore the adequacy of airway the tracheal stenting was performed. Then the stenting of esophagus and conformal definitive external radiotherapy were made using technique «VMAT» (rotation with intensity modulated irradiation), Е=10 MeV; in regimen 5 times per week with irradiation of mediastinal focus, single dose 3 Gy, total equivalent dose of 68 Gy in the Center of radiology and radiosurgery in RICP.

This is the demonstration of adequate management of patient with tracheal and esophageal compression caused by metastatic lesion in mediastinum.

KEY WORDS: esophageal cancer, combined modality treatment, esophageal stenting, tracheal stenting, stereotaxic conformal radiotherapy.


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